About Us

Our Mission

To develop, equip, and inspire Christian leaders for excellence in ministry to the Church.


      Our graduates will:

  •  Effectively teach, counsel, lead, and shepherd.
  •  Be skilled in research.
  •  Know how to think for themselves (not just regurgitate information).
  •  Know how to use the right tools for ministry.
  •  Have longevity and perseverance in ministry.
  •  Exhibit Christ-like character.


Our Faculty and Staff

We believe that sound biblical teaching should be accessible and an extension of our hearts.  Our desire as faculty and staff is to look at Christ, and transform into His image.


Dr. Chuck Allers, PhD

Dr. Richard Cates, DMin

Wayne Kinde, MTS

Sean Henschel, MATS

JD Eldridge, MATS 

Ciera Heimbigner, MA in English

Matthew Marzec, MA in Philosophy (cand.)

Johnny Cena, MATS

Brooks Fuller, MDiv




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